There is no cost to become a registered user of our Website. You do not have to become a registered user to use Pickaface.net. However, if you do not register, you may be precluded from using certain features, or resources of Pickaface.net.

When you set your profile status to private, only friends can see your completed profile, add comment to your avatar, post message to your board and see your friends list.
If you concern about privacy, please set your profile to private to prevent search engine indexing your profile.

Either private or public, everyone can see your avatar and avatar name will be indexed by search engine

If you already have a facebook, twitter or google plus account there’s no need to register a new account with pickaface. To sign-in using social media you can click on the log-in menu on pickaface.net and then click either the facebook, twitter or google plus button. You will be redirected to the site of your choice, then follow the instructions.


Pickaface uses flash to create avatar. So you have to use internet browser that supports flash player more likely browsers in desktop computer. If you see a blank page on your browser it means it does not support flash player, please download and install flash player here

For unregistered users:

Create your avatar and click save, if everything is good you will see a 'download' button, click that button to download your avatar.

For registered users:

Click on desired avatar to download/save avatar.

Click on desired avatar to change your profile picture.

Click on desired avatar to re-create avatar.

Click on avatar to delete avatar.

You can rename avatar on your avatar`s detail page. Find input with button and rename your avatar by editing the text on the input.

You can add or change avatar tags on your avatar`s detail page. Find input with button and add or change your avatar tags by editing the tags on the input, each tag are comma separated.


For sharper, clearer images with less pixelation you may purchase your avatar in high- resolution. For more information about high-resolution visit Wikipedia

When you purchase a hi-res file, you will receive a PNG format size 2020 x 2240px which is equivalent to 150DPI A3.

For your convenience we’ve added a sample hi-res file here and a low-res file here so you can see the difference in image quality.

Now you don't have to purchase hi-resolution file. For registered users, you can download hi-resolution of your avatar for FREE by clicking button on desired avatars to download it. REGISTER NOW and start downloading you HI-RES Avatar.


You can use avatars you created from pickaface.net for personal, educational and commercial use.
Redistribution, release for download or selling of these avatars on another site without permission is completely prohibited.

We’d appreciate if you give us credit or even link to http://pickaface.net if you use avatars created from pickaface.net.

Our users put a lot of thought into creating their avatars. If you’d like to use someone’s avatar, please respect them by asking their permission first.