About Pickaface.net

What is Pickaface?

Pickaface.net is a free web application to create a custom online avatar. It`s fun for games and useful for people who want to have profile picture for themselves.

Using the Pickaface.net free cartoon avatar creator, you can easily create a custom cartoon avatar in just a few minutes. Just click "Create Avatar," and follow the steps to create your own avatar and save it to your gallery.

Why register?

While you are still able to create avatar without registering, there are many features available only to registered users.

By registereing to Pickaface.net you are able to create and manage a gallery of your unique avatars. Plus, you can design new avatars based on your previous work without having to start from scratch. Rename/delete avatars and purchase high resolution files of your avatar, and much more as well.

Registering on Pickaface.net is free and easy. Just click on the registration menu, fill out the form, and you'll be picking your face in no time with all the benefits of a registered user.

For Education

We have found that many teachers and students have found and began using our service to excellent effect! In new Pickaface, Teachers can now easily comment on each of their students' avatars, and students can easily re-design another avatar based on teacher`s feedback.


Want a better high-quality version of your favorite avatar? No problem. We offer high quality image files of your avatar available for purchase. After you make your payment, you can find your hi-res avatar on 'my purchases' section on your profile page.


Pickaface is a Flash-based cartoon avatar creator; therefore iPhone and iPad's iOS is curently not supported since it does not support Flash.

We recommend using a modern browser with standard desktop computer running either Mac OS, Windows, or UNIX.

Our hearty thank you for all who use pickaface.net! Enjoy Pickaface.net and don`t forget to share and like our facebook page

Last but not least, our warmest thanks to linearicons.com/perxis.com and entypo.com for their wonderful icons!